Latest Wedding Trends to Look Out For

Latest Wedding Trends to Look Out For

Are you looking for latest wedding trends to have for the wedding ceremony of an adorable one of your life? Do you want to get a gorgeous look on your wedding day? If yes, you should give some time to find a variety of trendy art silks to wear in the wedding ceremonies from our Kupinda Sarees.

Wedding Style Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram Sarees are one of the preferable art silk saree options to wear in wedding ceremonies. This is because; these sarees come with appealing designs and variety of color options with Mimosa Woven type of border designs to give an attractive finish. Especially, you should definitely go with kanchipuram silk sarees if you have to have any South-Indian wedding ceremony.
Another major fact about these art silk sarees is that these are available in different patterns, which include leaf patterns, floral patterns, golden zari border patterns and many more. Similar to variation in patterns, art silk saree designers of Kupinda have incorporated a wide variety of stunning color options in sarees, which include navy blue, dark blue, green, golden, pink, combination of pink and navy blue and several others.

Wedding Style Tussar Silk Sarees

Similar to Kanchipuram collections, Kupinda provides a variety of wedding style tussar silk sarees in varying designs and patterns. Specialty of tussar silk collections is that they consist of cool fabrics and are of highly porous than any other types of silk sarees. Thus, what would be best than getting your favorite tussar silk-based art silk sarees available from new collection in sarees and that too at the most affordable rates.

Wedding Style Chiffon Sarees

Next, women and girls looking for trendy sarees to attend any wedding should go with art chiffon sarees available from Kupinda Group. The best thing is that you may easily fair your favorite golden touch bright colored chiffon saree with your printed blouse to make a strong style statement in a wedding event. Art chiffon silk sarees available at our online store has incorporated almost every feature, as you may expect in pure chiffon sarees. These include top quality of fabric items, colorful prints and various intricate designs.

To get further details, you have to look for wedding sarees available at Kupinda Online. Therefore, for what else you are waiting until now, just get your favorite pattern and trendy wedding saree to look gorgeous and outstanding in a wedding ceremony.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees- An Ideal Choice for Every Woman

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees- An Ideal Choice for Every Woman

Saree has always remained a traditional attire of women in India. Irrespective of the occasion, saree has a huge significance among women belonging to different cities and suburbs of India. Because of this, we may easily find a wide variety of classical Indian collections in different regions.

Especially, Kanchipuram silk sarees have gained a strong place among Indian women because of its beauty and dignity. Kanchipuram, also known as kanjeevaram silk sarees have their origination in Tamil Nadu and it has gained recognition as one among the best quality of available silk sarees. Considering this fact, a large number of reputed art silk saree designers are also providing a variety of Kanjeevaram style of art silk sarees at the most budget-friendly rates.

Overview and Exclusive Features of Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Top Quality of Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees, categorized as top quality of silk sarees consist of an ultimate combination of varying color threads. Moreover, with the aim to add attraction of these saree collections, designers apply an elaborated and exquisite zari work (where refers to a special type of embroidery). Moreover, beautiful designs of these saree collections come with golden borders and threads, which are usually of the sun, the moon, swans, parrots, lions, chariots, leaves and peacocks, along with various historic temples.

Motifs used in the Sarees

Along with this, such popular south Indian sarees come incorporate motifs used based on paintings, palaces and Pallava temples. Moreover, these days, art silk designers even use scenes of popular Indian epics, such as Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata as motifs to design Kanchipuram sarees. If this is not enough, you will even find new collection in sarees with both contemporary patterns and tribal designs collections.

Enticing Colors of Sarees

Besides designs, Kanchipuram sarees come with astounding, captivating and sensuous colors. Patterns used in these sarees are of exquisite ones and carry aesthetic look. The latest trend of imparting pictures of God and Goddess, along with ancient paintings in Pallu boosts the overall attraction of these sarees. Besides this, if you opt to look for sarees for gifting, you may even choose Kanchipuram silk sarees in various floral designs, stripes, checks and animal and bird patterns.

Shuttles Used in the Design Process

Designers mainly use three different shuttles to weave any Kanjeevaram saree. For this, weaver starts with his work from the right shuttle, while his aide performs the designing work on the left part of saree.

Contrast Border of Different Color and Seperately Woven Pallu

Another unique aspect of any Kanchipuram art silk saree is that it has contrast border to distinguish the saree. Color of the border thus is different from remaining parts of the saree. Along with this, designers weave the pallu separately and then join with the remaining part of the saree by using a delicate thread work.

Parts of the Saree

Kanchipuram saree consists of three different parts, which are border, body and hanging end called as pallu. In addition, it has three different raw materials i.e. metallic thread or zari, dye and silk thread. Weavers thus combine each of them to come up with unique artwork in each saree. Color and border design often remain different from body of any Kanjeevaram silk saree.

Overall, sheer magnitude of designs, colors and textures of Kanchipuram sarees make them incredible among Indian women. However, if you want to get a gorgeous look with traditional Kanjeevaram saree or want a one to attend any South Indian ritual but worrying about the price of such sarees, you may try out for art silk sarees available in trendy Kanchipuram styles.