The Exquisite Beauty of Indian Silk Sarees

The Exquisite Beauty of Indian Silk Sarees

Since many centuries, our mothers and grandmothers have treasured silk saree patterns weaved, designed and available in India. Even silk sarees form a wonderful addition to a wardrobe of a woman because it has almost everything, which include elegance, grace, culture, tradition and modernity woven into a single unique outfit.

 Moreover, the best thing about silk saree collections is that such sarees come in a wide range of forms and styles to meet the requirement of almost every woman, whether she wants party wear sarees or any other casual meetings.

 Especially, if you want to love trendy design sarees but do not feel comfortable with your budget, you may go with art silk sarees. What would be the best if you get gorgeous look in front of others with designer art silk sarees and save your money too. In this blog post, you will come to know a few popular art silk sarees forming preferable options to wear in festivals, weddings and other special occasions.

 Banarasi Sarees

 Art-based Banarasi silk sarees made of golden colored thread making them favorable options among brides want to flaunt them on special days of the life. Besides wedding, a large number of women even prefer to wear art-based Banarasi sarees in almost every other special occasion of their life.

Kanjeevaram/Kanchipuram Sarees

 Women love to wear premium type of artwork silk should definitely choose Kanjeevaram silk sarees. These sarees feature outstanding quality of the silk used in its making process. Moreover, Kanjeevaram Sarees consist of golden-silver colored thread known popularly to give sheer elegance to the real fabric. Also referred as Kanchipuram silk sarees, these artwork-based silk saree collections are of heavier than other types of silk, because of which they form a unique art piece.

 Many south Indians believe that bridal trousseau of South Indian brides remain incomplete without Kanjeevaram/Kanchipuram silk sarees. Graceful textures, shinning border, enticing color combinations with finely wove patterns and motifs in the form of flowers, tales and peacock and South Indian temples further enhance the overall beauty of various Kanjeevaram patterned south Indian sarees.

Uppada Silk Sarees

 Women looking for easily wearable, lightweight and affordable sarees should definitely go with Uppada silk sarees. Specialty of these sarees is that they undergo hand-woven procedure and incorporate design on its both sides than any other type of silk saree available. Since Uppada style art sarees gives both elegance and comfort wear, along with money saving options, they may become the perfect office wear sarees.

Crepe Sarees

 Whether you want to get an outstanding saree to wear in weddings, get together, birthday party or any other social event, you should definitely go with Crepe silk sarees, which always give you an enticing and a modern look. Assortment of these sarees comes with minute details, bold patterns and various self-motifs.

Tussar Silk Sarees

Lastly, you may find a wide variety of art-based Tussar silk sarees from contemporary and modern ones to ethnic and traditional sarees. These sarees have gained popularity among women because of their unique brocade works present in their pallu and borders both. Moreover, being a South Indian pattern saree, Tussar silk saree comes with silk and golden thread embroidery to create resham or zari work and geometric or floral patterns.

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